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Pennsylvania Scholarship

The Scholarship Grab Application is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for high school and post-secondary students who reside in Pennsylvania. Scholarship applicants demonstrate individual excellence in areas such as community service, leadership, sports, music, academics, and other unique characteristics. There are currently more than 120 scholarship funds, either managed or administered by scholarship grab. As the university system reels from state wide education cuts and parents face lost savings and declining home values, the opportunity for higher education is slipping away for thousands of prospective students.
“College tuition rates are on the rise and the cost to attend college is becoming increasingly difficult to meet. Higher education isn’t just critical for our children.“This generation of students deserves the same opportunity so many of us have already had… the chance to learn, to explore, and understand what inspires and stimulates them. In the end, the passions and skills they develop through higher education will only serve all of us for years to come.”

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