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New Jersey Education

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJ DOE) administers state and federal aid programs affecting more than 1.4 million public and non-public elementary and secondary school children in the state of New Jersey. The department is headquartered in the Judge Robert L. Carter Building in Trenton.

The state has history and possitive attitude towards growth of education all over the New Jersey’s People. Secretary Rick Rosenberg appointed by the Governor Jon Corzine, and created the EAI to increase the college admission rates by 10%. Rosenberg also implement the plan when this plan retracted for taking money out of helath care to fund this initiative.

Over all New Jersey is state where Politics and state government both needed their society to be more educative by providing various scholarships for workship, pre-school, universities and other private schools, each month they offer various scholarships to benefit more and more people to use them and help their selves to balance their standard of living. They also offers the easy scholaships programs that help society to enrol.

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