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New Hampshire Education

Education standards help educators understand what students should know and be able to demonstrate by providing clear goals for student learning. The NH College and Career Ready Standards (NH CCRS) include learning goals for a variety of content areas, such as the State’s newly adopted English language arts/literacy and mathematics standards. The new standards were adopted after a state-led effort referred to as the Common Core State Standards Initiative. NH CCRS include the critical skills, or competencies, necessary for skills in careers, college, and life.
The first public high schools in the state were the Boys’ High School and the Girls’ High School of Portsmouth, established either in 1827 or 1830 depending on the source.
New Hampshire has more than 80 public high schools, many of which serve more than one town. The largest is Pinkerton Academy in Derry, which is owned by a private non-profit organization and serves as the public high school of a number of neighboring towns. There are at least 30 private high schools in the state.

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