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Education in Mississippi

Education in Mississippi can be traced historically as far back as the early 19th century. While early efforts at systematic education were mostly in the form of private schools and academies, a public education system was founded during the Reconstruction era, by the biracial legislature led by the Republican Party. It was implemented by the late 1800s. Throughout its history, Mississippi has produced notable education inequalities due to racial segregation and underfunding of black schools, as well as rural zoning and lack of commitment to funding education.

Before it has long history about the African Americans and White People, they have various levels of Education and System that faciliate individual groups rather than seeing in one. Now the The Mississippi Board of Education have 9 members who normally constitutes the education policies and maintain the literacy over the states people. They offers various scholarships and grants that helps every race’s people regardless any restriction or probhibition on any individuals or group of people.

Scholarships in Mississippi

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