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Maryland Education

Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is a division of the state government of Maryland in the United States. The agency oversees public school districts. The agency is headquartered at 200 West Baltimore Street (off North Liberty Street/Hopkins Place, just west of Charles Center) in downtown Baltimore in the newly renamed “Nancy Grasmick Building”, after Nancy Grasmick, the most recent long-serving state superintendent of schools.

In 2009, the Maryland state public schools system was ranked #1 in the nation, overall, as a result of three separate, independent studies conducted by Education Week, Newsweek, and MGT of America. “Education Week” has ranked Maryland public education #1 in the nation for two years in a row, since 2008. “Education Week”, the nation’s leading education newspaper, looked at data in six critical categories over the past two years, and placed Maryland’s state education system at the very top of national rankings. Maryland placed at the top of the list in “Education Week”’ annual “Quality Counts” tally, with the nation’s only B+ average. The new report found that no other state has a more consistent record of excellence than Maryland. Results for the State were above average in all six of the broad grade categories, and ranked in the top seven in five of the six categories. According to “Newsweek” magazine, Maryland public schools rank first in the nation in the percentage of high schools offering—and students taking—college-level courses. The College Board ranked Maryland’s public schools system, first in the nation amongst students earning a score of three or higher on national AP exams. The state budget for education was $5.5 billion in 2009.

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