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Louisiana Education

The Louisiana Science Education Act[104] is a controversial law passed by the Louisiana Legislature on June 11, 2008 and signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal on June 25. The act allows public school teachers to use supplemental materials in the science classroom which are critical of established science on such topics as the theory of evolution and global warming.[105][106] Louisiana was the first state to pass a law of this type.

The state is also well known for its Seafood industry and small businesses runned by the people of Louisiana states, That creates the major demanding of education in every levels and also requires small and skilled workforce, considering that the states has offered many public and private schools and universities that offers edcaution in industrial work as well as managerial work. The state also promotes the various scholarships campaigs in lousiana that can be known as “Easy Scholarships” that can be win by simply enrolling. They have also Weard scholarships that can be also known as “Give Aways Scholarships”

Louisiana Scholaships

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