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Education in Kentucky

Education in Kentucky includes elementary school (kindergarten through fifth grade in most areas), middle school (or junior high, sixth grade through eighth grade in most locations), high school (ninth through twelfth grade in most locations), and postsecondary institutions. Most Kentucky schools and colleges are accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Education in Kentucky suffers from the same negative stigma as many other Southern states. Some statistics, such as ranking 47th in the nation in percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree and an adult illiteracy rate of about 40%, seem to justify the stereotype. Other reports, such as ranking 14th in educational affordability, 25th in K-12 attrition, and being named the 31st smartest state using a formula by Morgan Quitno Press (ahead of western states like California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico) suggest that the stereotype may be overblown. In fact, Lexington, Kentucky ranks 10th among US cities in percent of population with college degree or higher. Whatever the case, due to a number of reforms beginning in 1990, most studies agree that Kentucky is making progress in the area of education.

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