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Education in Arizona

Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is an Arizona state agency overseeing public education. It is headquartered at 1535 West Jefferson Street in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, United States.[1]

Ratification of the Arizona Constitution created the Arizona Department of Public Education. ADE is led by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, an elected position.[2] The current superintendent is Diane Douglas.

As Arizona is covered from the 4 corners and also well known for its 5 C’s, Copper, Cotton, Cattle, Citrus & Climate which is so favorable to tourism and leisures. As the States mainly employment is from the super stores and other large scale industries, the population has big opportunity to educate their selves and benefit the society by giving man power and skilled work.

Education in Arizona have its own system and own board ADE which always consider the society on first place, they offers various level of scholarship campaigns and other weared scholarships that can be available at various publications and degital medias.

Scholarships in Arizona

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