Scholarships and financial support

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Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans… there are many financial support options for international students who wish to study on a USA course. Demand for scholarships is always greater than supply; to maximize your chances, apply as early as you can.

Evaluating costs

Even with financial support, it is likely that you will have to pay some costs yourself. You may have to pay for travel, accommodation or part of the course fee. Make sure you find out what is and isn’t covered by your scholarship or financial support scheme.

Find out more about tuition and living costs in Costs and fees, plus advice from the National Association of Student Money Advisers in How to map your budget.

Financial difficulties.

The right time to look for financial support is before you start your course. It can be very hard to find funding, particularly mid-way through the academic year.

If you experience financial difficulties during your course, please visit the Scholarship Grab website. They offer lots of detailed information and a student advice service.

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