Tuition Fee Increases

I fail to see how the increase in university tuition fees will reinstate the value of the degree. I understand that the increase intends to make people consider more carefully before deciding to attend university, and hopefully encourage fewer people to go to university purely for the sake of it. The thing is, in my opinion, the majority of people who attend university have already thoroughly considered it, and do a degree which they feel will genuinely improve their skills and career prospects. Therefore, surely the value of the degree is not really improving due to the fee rise, as the degree is just as valuable to students in terms of employment as it was before it.

I fail to see how the value of the degree is reinstated by the rise in the tuition fees when there seems to be no correlation between the rank of the university and the price of the degree.For me, value for money with regards to a degree is about getting a high standard of teaching, from good staff, in a subject I enjoy, at a university I am proud to be at. Furthermore I think it is important to get more than just a degree, but a ‘university experience’ as well, to make the most of the opportunities university presents you with. But who am I to say what makes a degree ‘valuable’? Is that not a personal judgment to make?

No matter what someone pays for a degree, employers will still look at the grade achieved, the subject studied, and the university when recruiting. Taking this logic, and the fact that students seem quite undeterred by the fee rise, it is clear that the rise in the tuition fees will not reinstate the value of the degree, especially as ‘value’ with regards to a degree means something different to everyone. But to Pay this high fees one need to get scholarships for the same.

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