Budgeting for College

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Everyone should know about budgeting. Knowing how much money you have and what percent to save or spend, making sure you have enough for tuition and (especially as international students) not going crazy and spending funds on all the cool and cheaper tech or souvenirs.

One thing I want to talk about a little bit, especially as we are on the subject of budgeting, is the issue of loans. Loans sound awesome. Most of them you don’t need to pay back while in school. The cost struggles are invisible while you are going through studies. It makes sense to want to take a loan, studies and adjusting to a new culture are hard enough without the headache of trying to make sure you can cover all your school expenses. However, I would strongly advise not to take loans without really taking this into consideration. Loans are not free money and after school is finished you WILL have to pay them back with interest. So before you take a loan (or loans) take some time to plan how you will pay them back. Lots of students leave school with a Certificate and a bag of debt. So be really wise if you are taking the loan road.

Now to start this off I haven’t actually started budgeting my expenses as yet but I do have a list in mind of things that I will need to get covered. So far I am just trying to make up enough money to fully cover the first year of University. But than will I be able to cover the fees of remaining four years as of course everyone gets this thing in their minds. Taking up loans is not a good idea and according to me Getting scholarships that helps us pay for the college is the best option one should choose.

When I talk about winning scholarships than the first thing that comes in my mind is scholarship grab application. Scholarship grab is one new mobile application that helps winning scholarships in few easy steps that can help us in paying for our colleges.

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