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Scholarships help students receive the necessary education and training to start a new career or move forward in their current field. Contributions given as a current gift are placed within the nowadays Fund and distributed to fulfill wants inside the present fiscal year. Nowadays Fund gifts offer immediate advantages to students. Scholarship awards are created doubly every year at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters.

Many students think that scholarships are only given in person and cant find any online that are “real” and not a fake scam, but this is not the case. Yes there are hundreds of fake scholarships out there but there are also some that are real. The ones that are online scholarships are usually one of two things, either its based on a set criteria or you compete for 1 scholarship award among millions of students. The issue with these two is that, if you don’t fit the specific criteria they are looking for then you cant apply for that scholarship such as gender, age, major, location, etc. The other, is probably harder than winning the lottery, there is 1 award given and you have tons of online submissions so it feels almost useless to even apply for the award, but you do it anyway because you need to at least try to find more money to help pay for college.

Well now, there is a third option, and that’s a mobile app that allows users to win scholarships by using there phone. Unlike the others, ScholarshipGrab App offers 2-3 monthly scholarship awards at various amounts, but it gives you many more ways to win aid to help afford school again. And no more email scams either, scholarshipgrab doesn’t sell your data, so you are using the app to actually win a scholarship to benefit you. This new idea for the app came from a financial aid professional working at a college and seeing the need for additional scholarships for students, so he did something about it, he created the app. So now thanks to him, we can finally have a much more fun, easier, safer, and painless way to win scholarships for college.

We would love to hear your feedback after using the app, so drop us a email or message on social media and let us know, we here are always looking for improvements.

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