How Scholarships Work

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the different types of scholarships, what it takes to get them and why just because you have a scholarship doesn’t mean you’ll be using it to pay tuition.

Most people already have a vague idea about what a scholarship is — money that someone gives you to pay for school. That’s actually pretty close. Basically, a scholarship (or a grant or a fellowship) is a sum of money awarded to a student in order to help him or her further his or her education. Instead of a loan, which accrues interest, or need-based financial aid, which is usually doled out by universities, scholarships are gifts that don’t need to be paid back.

Scholarship money can come from any number of sources. There are scholarships provided by governments, corporations, universities or any organization with a little goodwill and some money to burn. Many famous scholarships come from stipulations in the wills of philanthropists..

However, though a scholarship isn’t a loan, it’s not just free money either. Most organizations that offer them consider them an investment rather than a gift. For that reason, scholarships usually have strings attached. Athletic scholarships come with the expectation of maintaining a certain grade point average as well as performing on the field. Scholarships may also be contingent on entering a certain career, such as medicine or library science.

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