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Winning scholarships, its the dream that all students have, to be able to pay off the high cost of education. But when you really start researching and digging through hundreds of links, emails, websites with nothing to show for it, it really becomes depressing and almost void of meaning to WIN a scholarship. College scholarships just to be much more easy to get even if they were smaller amounts but through the years over and over scholarships have become less and less available for students to win. Parents really have to be the one to start researching for scholarships for students as it becomes a big tasks to go through all the websites and try and find scholarships that match your major, degree, program level, dates, state, and many other criteria. It really has become a very tedious process to search for scholarships. Scholarships like grants are supposed to be there for people to easily get if they deserve it and using it to attend college, but now it seems more like winning the lottery.

Working myself as a financial aid professional at many different colleges over the years, I get asked everyday where students can get scholarships to help offset the cost of their education. Everyday, I give students one or two sites that actually give any good advice, but I know its like finding a needle in a hay stack and winning odds become greatly outnumbered, but I give what advice I can for my students. So, year after year of hearing and seeing students struggle, I decided to do something about it! I decided to great a mobile app that will allow students to win scholarships just by using there cell phone. It seems to good to be true right, well I tried making the app the easiest possible and open to everyone worldwide regardless of age, degree, state, country, etc I wanted to give the chance for as many people to win money towards paying for there education. So you may ask, HOW can I win? Well, its easy, all you have to do is download the free app and for iOS users, you can watch short video ads to earn credits which you can then enter into monthly scholarship contests. So, the more you watch, the more you will earn and therefore more odds you have at winning. For Android users, you can also do the short video ads, but also, you get more chances to win by earning credits for displaying ads on your phone’s lockscreen, these ads are displayed on your phone and if you dont want to see it, just simply dismiss the ad and it will take you to your phone’s homepage. I am hoping that with this easy to do things, students all over the world will finally have a fighting chance to win free money towards college. Also, one great feature of the app is that your can get your family and friends to use the app and if they win, they are able to transfer the scholarship to you, so this gives you many more chances to WIN!

I have worked really hard on this and I really hope you like it, but I value your feedback so please send us an email and let us know how you like it, what you think we can improve upon and good luck!!

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